What's been happening 

Planters at Iceni

A lot of bamboo removal started this project, some back-filling and then construction of the planters. Lastly top up and then ready to be filled with plants.

Little Angels, Sporle 08/10/20

One of our members built this after a request came in from Little Angels. Hope the kids enjoy it.

An outdoor meeting (to comply with Covid rules)

One of our early meetings where members got to see what had occurred during lockdowns and start to get to know each other.

Turning Bowls

Bowls being turned by one of our members

Castle Bed

Although a personal project for a members daughter, this was a challenge from start to finish but a very rewarding one, made with no plans but simply from an idea in a head.

A Fairy House

Created by one of our members

Starting to fit the shed out

Starting to put the equipment in place (although I think it has moved quite a few times since)

Carving for the Community

A carving completed by one of our members for the community.

Carving on a different scale

This one speaks for itself, it's huge and blooming fantastic.