Current Projects

An area to show what we are up to currently. All our members are welcome to be involved in any of these.

New shed build

The new shed is up, we are now in the process of completing the inside then we will be kitting it out for future use.

There are plenty of new hobbies/interests earmarked for the new shed so keep an eye on the website and facebook page for further announcements.

Sourcing supplies

We now have a good selection of tools from donations and purchased through grants, we are currently setting up the exisitng sheds as a woodworking environment but will be keeping the new shed as a cleaner space, therefore we will be looking for art supplies.

Spring is on its way

We already have a substantial amount of orders for bird boxes and the like but we are now gearing up towards the start of Spring/Summer with plans in place to make garden planters, trugs, wishing wells etc.


We are always willing to welcome new members to our group, we are open to any one over the age of 18 (due to insurance reasons). You dont have to have any experience in anything, you're welcome to come along to learn or just a chat if you prefer

Bug box

Instructions below if you fancy a go at home.

Fancy Bug box

Depending on your skill level, maybe a few of our members could replicate this???

Making a simple bug box

To make a simple rectangular bug box all you need are five pieces of wood, something to hang it up with and some material to fill it with.

I used some pallet wood which was about 20mm thick and 90 mm wide.For the top and bottom you will need two pieces 90mm x 90mm and for the back one piece 300mm x 90mm.  The two sides should each be 300mm x 70mm (or 90mm less the thickness of the wood you are using).  The box can then be nailed or screwed together – do drill pilot holes to help prevent the wood from splitting.

The hanging arrangement (assuming it is to be hung up and not simply stood somewhere) can be a piece of string tied to nails or a D ring screwed to the back or you could simply drill a hole in the back to hang it on a screw.

Once you have made the box, you need to source materials to fill it.  Some bugs and bees  like long holes to crawl into, such as hollow bamboo canes cut to the right length or scrap wood with holes drilled in, twigs, dry grass, pine cones and other natural matter can be used, but pack it in tight so it doesn’t fall out, or you could fix chicken wire or similar to the front of the box (if you do this take care to fix batten over the raw edges so the chicken wire does not scratch).

Future Projects

We welcome requests from the local community for future projects. Due to Covid we do not have any planned projects.